I’m so grateful you stopped by to explore my shop!

Here I am with my magic box of essential oils!

Burn Wild is a small reality that I proudly created all by myself. Everything that goes into the process, from the creation of the product, selection of suppliers, testing, shipping, you name it.. it all comes from my hands, head and heart.
Of course with a little help from a tiny specialised team!

As with some of the most beautiful things in life, Burn Wild came to life during a ‘notsoeasy’ time of my life, where I found myself completely lost and I was struggling to find my path and purpose in life. 

It was Christmas 2018 when I poured my first candles to gift to some members of my family as I wanted to create something special and unique. 
In that moment I had a real epiphany and my path suddenly became clear: I discovered a deep love for creating candles and experimenting with essential oils which were already big protagonists in my life as I used them for aromatherapy purposes.