Burn Wild is specialised on handcrafting natural soy wax candles using only the purest essential oils, nothing else. 
We thrive to provide you the highest quality product doing our best to protect the environment too, this is the reason why we only use recyclable packaging, mostly made of paper and corn starch.
Our goal is to help you experience the benefits and magic power of the essential oils, in fact, essential oils are well known for their therapeutic applications and uses.

Each oil has its own unique healing properties and fragrance, and these oils, in their natural state, have been found to posses a powerful ‘synergy'. The therapeutic quality of the unadulterated natural oil is more effective than a synthetic, partially reconstituted equivalent.
A proper use of the oils helps promote a more balanced lifestyle, it is well known that a balanced state of mind promotes vitality and better ability to cope with potentially difficult events that we face in our everyday life.

Why don't you take a moment to create a self care routine that values yourself and make you feel good today?